Korean Scholarship Trust (KST) is a non-profit charitable organisation whose main aim is to encourage Korean students studying in Canterbury, New Zealand to achieve high standards in various fields such as academics, sports, art, music, science and technology, and also to contribute to the community as well as becoming effective leaders of the society.

KST also aims to indirectly contribute to the greater New Zealand by promoting healthy competition and encouraging scholarship recipients to actively use their respective skillsets for the benefit of the New Zealand society.

KST deed of trust and the Certificate of Incorporation are freely available.


Currently KST offers Canterbury Scholarship to high school graduates, which is currently the only form of scholarship provided by KST. Canterbury Scholarship is actually a continuation of Jin's Auto Scholarship.


Currently our only source of funding is donations given by generous individuals and other sponsoring organisations. If you would like to join us in our good cause, please contact us.

Scholarship Sponsors

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