Alumni network

Our scholarship recipients will be part of our alumni network, where they can connect with and support each other. As the scholarship has been running for more than 20 years, you will find our recipients well established in their field, whether they are in New Zealand or overseas. We celebrate the success of our recipients and we will continue to share inspiring stories of their accomplishment. 

Keynote speech from Hanseul Nam, Year 2014 recipient

안예리 (Ahn, Ye-Ri)

문인선 (Moon, In-Sun)

안하나 (Ahn, Ha-Na)

강승원 (Kang, Seung-Won)

박후란 (Park, Hu-Ran)

박루시아 (Park, Lucia)

상은아 (Sang, Eun-Ah)

김지현 (Kim, Ji-Hyun)

박상우 (Park, Sang-Woo)

김진솔 (Kim, Jin-Sol)

김용정 (Kim, Yong-Jung)

강민화 (Kang, Min-Hwa)

강필규 (Kang, Pil-Kyu)

강기웅 (Kang, Ki-Woong)

안현수 (Ahn, Hyung-Soo)

조정욱 (Jo, Jung-Uk)

이훈용 (Lee, Hoon-Yong)

이정호 (Lee, Jung-Ho)

주은마로 (Ju, Eun-Ma-Ro)

전은경 (Jeon, Eun-Kyung)

소윤주 (So, Yoon-Ju)

이희민 (Lee, Hee-Min)

윤흥섭 (Yoon, Heung-Sub)

최호창 (Choi, Ho-Chang)

정송인 (Jung, Song-In)

박유진 (Park, Yu-Jin)

안진희 (Ahn, Jin-Hee)

최은영 (Choi, Eun-Young)

신하영 (Shin, Ha-Young)

조가영 (Jo, Ka-Young)

Scholarship Sponsors

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